Monster Assortment

Shinwa’s ultimate original accessory for classic Dungeons & Dragons was モンスターアソートメント “Monster Assortment”, published in May 1991. And it is one of the harder Shinwa products to acquire—you would be fortunate to find one in nice condition for less than $200.

The cover art is “Dragon Attacking a Small Party” by Larry Elmore.

The contents are 32 random tables, each containing 50 encounters. There are tables for

• ダンジョンレベル Dungeon Levels 1-10
• 廃墟 Ruins
• 森林地帯 Woodlands
• 空中 Sky
• 山岳地帯 Mountains
• 海 Sea
• 平原 Plains
• 都市 City
• 湖沼地 Swamp
• 砂漠 Desert
• 極地・ 寒冷地 Polar and Cold Regions
• 河 River
• 街道 Highway
• 荒れ地 Wasteland
• 熱帯 Tropics
• ロストワールド Lost World

The monsters are drawn from the basic (red) box set, the expert (blue) box set, and the AC9 “Creature Catalogue” accessory. Each encounter includes stats necessary to run the encounter.

Softcover, 32 pp.

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