Wizardry RPG: Trebor Campaign

トレボー戦役 “Trebor Campaign” (1989) is a box set of scenarios for the Wizardry tabletop RPG, published by ASCII Corporation. Production is credited to Hitoshi Yasuda and Group SNE. Each of the sourcebooks contains a main scenario, two sub-scenarios, and scores of sepia illustrations.

The box set takes its name from the main scenario of the Eastern Region sourcebook. In it the mad overlord Trebor teleports the party into the towering Korukia mountains to find a path suitable for the large army he wants to send against the neighboring kingdom of Rada. Graduates of the original Wizardry computer game will be familiar with Trebor and the rigors of being in his service.

The main scenarios from the other sourcebooks are titled “Temple of the Lizardmen” and “Final Conflict! Llylgamyn”. There is a lot of material here!

Box contents:
• campaign guide, A4 saddle-stitched pamphlet 8 pp.
• “Eastern Region Scenario Sourcebook” A4 saddle-stitched 44 pp.
• “Western Region Scenario Sourcebook” A4 saddle-stitched 48 pp
• “Northern Region Scenario Sourcebook” A4 saddle-stitched 44 pp.
• gamemaster’s screen, cardstock, 27cm x 59 cm
• fighting sheet, cardstock A3 folded
• fighting sheet, cardstock A4
• “Ethelnaat”, map, A3 folded
• 21 single sheet maps, numbered 2 through 22

Wizardry RPG

ウィザードリィ “Wizardry” (1988) is a tabletop RPG box set published by ASCII Corporation, who had earlier localized the computer game ” Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord” for the Japanese market, releasing a popular port for the Famicon in 1987. The pen-and-paper version of the game was developed by Group SNE and Yohei Sawaki is credited as the designer.

The pen-and-paper game is a faithful adaption of the computer game. The playable races are human, elf, dwarf, gnome, and hobbit and the classes are fighter, mage, priest, thief, samurai, lord, ninja, and bishop. Characters have HP and AC and they advanced starting at first level. When a character attacks, the player rolls percentile dice to see if a hit is made. The ability scores are strength, IQ, piety, vitality, agility, and luck. The 1st level mage spells are “dunapic” which gives the caster’s coordinates and depth underground, “halito”, a 1d8 damage fireball, “katino”, a sleep spell, and “mogref” which lowers caster’s AC by 2.

Box contents:
• basic rulebook, A4 saddle-stitched 76 pp.
• “Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord” scenario book, A4 saddle-stitched 32 pp.
• “Bride of the Black Crystal” booklet, A4 saddle-stitched 16 pp.
• “Sponsored by Voltac” booklet, A4 saddle-stitched 12 pp.
• fighting sheet, card stock A3 folded
• 2 player mats, A3 folded
• master mat, A3 folded
• monster sheet, cardstock A4
• 2 fighting sheets, card stock A4
• “use of a Wizardry scenario” sheet, A4
• 6 character sheets, A4
• 2 graph paper sheets, A3 folded
• dice: 2d20, 1d8, 2d6