Dungeons & Dragons: Basic Beginner’s Guide

The inaugural item in my exhibit of Japanese TRPG is Shinwa’s ベーシックビギナーズガイド Basic Beginner’s Guide (1987).

Shinwa was the first translator of Dungeons & Dragons into Japanese and the BBG was meant to accompany their translation of the red box. It’s an example of a book format popular in Japan called “mooks” which are basically undated magazines kept on the shelf for longer than a month. One of the worthier articles IMO is a sample scenario called 邪教の寺院 “Temple of the Cult” in which a merchant whose daughter is abducted by goblins pleads with the party to rescue her. Regardless of how long it takes them to make it to room 10, they will arrive just in time to prevent her sacrifice! The interior artwork has emotional energy and seems like something that could have inspired Goblin Slayer.

B5 saddle stitched magazine 48 pp.