Twilight Princess

黄昏の天使 “Twilight Princess” (1988) was the eighth box set to be released for the Japanese version of Call of Cthulhu and the only non-translated item that Hobby Japan produced for the game. The designer was Jun Arisaka 有坂純 and the artist Yoshihisha Aran 亜蘭善久. The box set is, incidentally, my candidate for the most expensive Japanese RPG collectible: I’ve only seen incomplete and damaged sets up for auction, but they still went for over $600. The subtitle of the set is “The Stories of the Demon Princess: First Part”, but publication of a second part was not to be.

The setting is Japan in the 1980s. Cthulhu Now, which had just been released in English the previous year, was not available in Japanese yet, but a 32 page “Sourcebook for the 1980s” is included and provides stats for modern day weapons, skills and occupations.

The 8 scenarios are described in a perfect bound book of 100 pages and a saddle-stapled book of 84 pages. The investigators start by looking into a series of murders happening nightly in a small town, and they make the acquaintance of a beautiful but suspicious young woman who is one of the Katagiri sisters. The investigators eventually meet their father, who still dresses in the fashion of the Edo period. Ultimately, the investigators will learn that after 3000 years it is time to reforge the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, the legendary sword in the possession of the Emperor of Japan, and to do this they must raise a pyramid submerged beneath a lake in the ancient province of Izumo.