Witch Quest: Little Edith Vol. 1

I must caution readers that today’s post contains graphic depictions of moe—sensitive readers should proceed no further. We will be taking a look at ウィッチクエスト 小さな魔女エディス上卷 “Witch Quest: Little Edith” (1991), and in particular volume 1, which contains two replays. There is a second volume containing the rules and the cards. Six-sided dice are also needed for play.

Witch Quest is an RPG adaptation of the movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service” (1989) using a game engine called Apple Basic. The distinctive artwork is by Hime Kugatsu. The game requires an even number of players because every witch must be paired with a cat. The witch tries to use her magic to help people, but her competence is low because she is only 13 years old, so the cat helps out. This is one of the first ほのぼのとした “heart-warming” games.

The first replay is called “Waitry’s Strife”. Waitry is the name of the town depicted on the map. The second replay is called “The Flight Contest”. The two scenarios used in the replays are described at the end of the book. I’m not going to list the later Japanese games that were influenced by this little classic, but it clearly struck a chord.

B6 softcover with foldout map, 258 pp.