Dragon Magazine: Spring 1987

In 1986 Shinwa launched a quarterly magazine in support of Dungeons & Dragons called ドラゴンマガジン “Dragon Magazine”. The first two issues were a bit thin in the way of content. The 3rd issue (Spring 1987) uses cover art by Denis Beauvais which previously appeared on issue 78 of TSR’s Dragon magazine.

The 3rd issue features an adventure called “The Resurrection of Legendary Beast Teral” for 6-9 characters of levels 8-12. This powerful party, it is hoped, will be able to stop the spell caster Alyssa from summoning the demon Teral from the alternate dimension in which he is imprisoned. A few NPCs and artifacts from the module “B3: Palace of the Silver Princess”, which Shinwa had translated, are woven into the plot. Alyssa desires a red ruby called “The Eye of Arik” to free Teral, but the party can destroy the ruby with the help of a silver dragon named Ariksbane.

The party will need to discover the location of the temple. Once inside the party will find frescoes depicting Arik of the Hundred Eyes, Alyssa, and Ariksbane though they are not named as such. The frescoes contain some useful hints, but the party should try to move quickly through the temple since there is a purple worm and a Tyrannosaurus rex wandering about. If the party confronts Alyssa, she will call for the aid of 4 death demons. Oh, and she is also protected by the two headed dog Dioskilos from the movie “Clash of the Titans”.

B5 magazine 44 pp.

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