Comptiq Magazine: June 1986

Once upon a time there was a periodical that included serialized manga, reviews of the latest computer games, BASIC program listings, centerfolds of young Japanese women, and articles on tabletop RPG, all in a single issue. It was called コンプティーク “Comptiq” magazine, and what you see is the cover of the June 1986 issue. In truth Comptiq is still in print, but the modern magazine no longer has the objectively perfect balance of content it had in the Showa era.

The first tabletop content contributor was Yukihiro Kuroda (aka Kuro-chan). His monthly “RPG Lectures” began appearing in January of 1986. In the June 1986 issue he explains the differences between goblins, orcs, and kobolds, and he also has a bit to say about green slimes, black puddings, and ochre jellies.

The June 1986 issue was an RPG special edition with extensive coverage of computer RPGs, possibly motivated by the recent release of Dragon Quest for the Famicon. One feature is a two page spread with the family tree of computer RPGs as of 1986. Wizardry and Ultima are the roots of the tree and some 20 games are named as descendants.

B5 perfect bound magazine 204 pp.

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