Dungeons & Dragons: Expert Playing Guide 1

Shinwa’s エキスパートプレイングガイド1 “Expert Playing Guide 1” (1988) is a color-coordinated accompaniment to their translation of the Dungeons & Dragons Expert Rules. If you liked the anime girl from the basic supplement—the one in breastplate and with a ribbon in her hair—well, she returns and appears in most of the interior illustrations of the expert guide.

There is a sample scenario called さまよえる塔 “Wandering Tower”. It takes the party into a barony where they can visit the local tavern and make a roll on what might be the first original rumor table in Japanese. The scenario features a black tower which somehow roams the countryside releasing goblins and ogres. If the party manages to locate the entrance to the dungeon, they might find and free several of the baron’s men-at-arms chained to a giant wheel which is used to rotate a magic crystal which projects the image of a black tower. Mystery solved! And if they go deeper in the dungeon the party will encounter a white dragon who prefers to talk with adventurers a bit before deciding whether to eat them.

B5 saddle stitched magazine 48 pp.

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