Dungeons & Dragons: Elves of Alfheim

Of the 38 items from the classic Dungeons & Dragons line that Shinwa translated, the hardest one for a collector to track down is surely ア ルフハイムのエルフ (The Elves of Alfheim).

Interest in it might be due to the Japanese version being packaged in a box, albeit a single
piece one with flaps that will tear if you’re not careful. The JV preserves the artwork from the English version which is all credited to Stephen Fabian, although there is clearly a piece by David
C. Sutherland III in there. In the EV pp. 45-52 of the booklet are set off in green and entitled “What Everyone Knows About Alfheim”; in the JV these are conveniently a separate handout. The JV adds a player map and five floor tiles. On a somber note, there was only a single printing dated November 1991 of the JV and I think it turned out to be the last thing Shinwa ever published. At least with their choice of gazetteer they went out making a strong statement on the elf vs. dwarf debate.

Box contents:

  • letter sized saddle stitched booklet 88 pp.
  • letter sized saddle stitched booklet 8 pp.
  • map 32″x21″
  • map 21″x16″
  • 5 floor tiles

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